Attracting Customers: How Link Building Helps E-commerce Businesses—A Case Study

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Link building is important for any website. Even more so for a booming e-commerce industry, further triggered by the pandemic. The numbers don’t lie: Global online sales are expected to increase by 10.4% and reach a total of $6.3 trillion this year.

But here’s the catch: amid the thriving industry, the competition has become stiffer than ever. E-commerce businesses must find ways to increase their online presence and drive traffic to their websites. That can help generate more leads and ultimately convert sales for their businesses.

Additionally, unless you are an e-commerce store with high-margin products, using PPC to get sales can be extremely expensive and lead to negative ROI.

The solution? Start with white hat link-building campaigns! 

Read our case study below to learn how link building can help boost the web visibility and traffic of e-commerce businesses.

An Overview: Clients from the E-commerce Industry

Jolly SEO caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to big companies. 

Since the pandemic, we have worked with quite a few clients in the e-commerce industry. They offer various online products, such as perfumes, mattresses, and card collections, as well as e-commerce services such as order fulfillment and product shipping, direct-to-film (DTF) printing, and web designing.

Here’s what they had to say about our white hat link-building services:

One client said, “Link building can go a long way in growing your online business. You must first establish your web prominence and drive traffic before you can even attract leads and convert them into sales.”

Another client reinforced this claim, “Earning high-quality backlinks can help your e-commerce business climb the ladder of SERP (search engine results pages). These links can also direct potential customers to your website. That can offer lots of opportunities for customer engagement, lead generation, and sales conversion.”

One client capped the remarks above, “We can attest as to how Jolly SEO’s white hat link-building service has increased our online visibility and website traffic, helping us increase our sales. 

Unconvinced? Keep reading…

The Problem: Boosting Web Presence and Traffic for Sales Conversion

E-commerce businesses face the challenge of standing out in a sea of digital competition. Not only should they appear right before the eyes of their target customers, but they must also outrank their competitors. 

Boosting brand awareness among your target market and beating the competition in your industry can translate into increased leads and sales. That’s how link building can contribute to your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, marketing endeavors, and sales initiatives.

Specifically, our clients aim to achieve the following business objectives from link-building campaigns:

  • Online Visibility: They seek to take the top spot on SERP for relevant users.
  • Website Traffic: They hope to drive more visitors to their e-commerce websites.
  • Lead Generation: They want to turn these visitors into prospective customers.
  • Sales Conversion: Our clients aim to convert these leads into successful sales.

Discover how our white link-building services have helped these clients meet their objectives in the next section.

The Solution: Harnessing the Power of White Hat Link Building 

Businesses from the e-commerce industry have partnered with us in implementing white hat link-building campaigns.

With a diligent outreach management team and an excellent content writing team, we offer these clients guest-posting opportunities, high-quality content, and internal linking. We use quality parameters like domain authority (DA), organic traffic, and more.

Our link-building services use ‘white hat’ techniques by implementing ethical and sustainable link-building strategies. This means that we don’t buy links; we earn them. Our campaign also employs Linktegrity, allowing us to unmask link-selling websites. We partner with established industry websites to help our clients earn high-quality backlinks.

Curious about our clients’ wins? Discover the actual backlinks earned and organic traffic results in the next section.

The Results: Increasing Backlinks and Driving Traffic for Lead Generation and Sales Conversion

The link-building campaign timeline varies from one client to another. Some have had ongoing link-building services with us for many years; others already ended their contracts. 

If anything, all of these clients have increased their backlinks through our white hat link-building services. As such, they have earned a significant boost in DA, organic traffic, and SEO ranking. 

The proof is in the numbers. Take a look at the table below.

Clients with Ongoing ServicesStart DateBacklinksDomain AuthorityOrganic TrafficOrganic Ranking
Client 102/19/2023From 75 to 120From 8 to 28From 63 to 117From 1 to 5
Client 201/23/2023From 2 to 187From 2 to 44From 0 to 12758From 0 to 59
Client 302/13/2023From 0 to 48From 0 to 16From 76 to 1018 From 10 to 14

Based on the table above, our clients have achieved a boost in backlinks from the time they started with us. These earned backlinks have positively impacted their DA scores, organic traffic, and SEO ranking. To interpret the data above, take note of the following:

  • Client 1 has increased its backlinks from 75 in February to 120 this month. Their DA rating have gone up from 8 to 28. They have earned an 85.71% increase in organic traffic, with the number of rankings from one to five.
  • Client 2 has witnessed an increase in backlinks from only two in January to 187 this month, not to mention a boost in DA score from 2 to 44. Their organic traffic went from zero to a whopping 12758 in just a few months, with rankings earned from zero to 59.
  • Client 3 started with zero and has now earned 48 backlinks. The same is true for their DA rating from zero to a score of 16. They have gained a whopping 1239.47% increase in organic traffic with rankings earned from ten to 14.

Note: All these facts and figures show how effective our white hat link-building services are in helping e-commerce businesses achieve their SEO, marketing, and sales goals.

Former clientsStart Date to End DateBacklinksDomain AuthorityOrganic TrafficOrganic Ranking
Client 109/15/2021- 12/04/2022From 5856 to 9432From 71 to 72 From 195776 to 459952From 4329 to 4281
Client 203/30/2023- 07/15/2023From 1367 to 1665From 59 to 58From 23946 to  24325From 235 to 426 
Client 311/12/2020- 09/25/2022From 433 to 1588 From 43 to 62 From 15056 to 91571From 160 to 1588 

Based on the table above, our clients had increased their backlinks when they were with us, from start to end. Their earned backlinks had significantly improved their DA score, organic traffic, and SEO ranking. To interpret the data above, take note of the following:

  • Client 1 started with 5856 backlinks and ended with a total of 9432. Their high DA score remained consistent all throughout, even having slightly increased from 71 to 72. Their organic traffic had a 134.94% increase with a total number of rankings from 4329 to 4281.
  • Client 2 had increased its backlinks from 1367 to 1665 when they were with us. Their DA score remained consistently good at 59 and 58. This client had a 1.58% increase in organic traffic, having earned rankings from 160 to 1588.
  • Client 3 earned a total of 1588 backlinks with us from only 433. They achieved a significant boost in its DA score (from only 43 to 63). Their organic traffic had a whopping 508% increase, with total rankings earned from only 160 to 1588.

Note: These former clients have already ended their contracts with us. Some have continued implementing their strategies on their own; others have stopped doing so. As such, one client has maintained its traffic while the others have started losing their traffic. 

What does this mean? Link building is a continuous marketing effort to ensure the consistency, stability, and sustainability of your SEO campaign. With this in place, you can ensure continuous growth and success.

Learn more about the business implications of this e-commerce case study in the next section.

Business Implications: What the Case Study Reveals

The case study reveals that link-building campaigns work for the e-commerce industry. Businesses of all sizes, whether startups, SMEs, or big companies, must capitalize on white hat link-building strategies for boosting the following:

  • Online Visibility: Link building is a vital component of SEO for increasing SERP ranking.
  • Website Traffic: Link building helps increase SEO ranking, which can drive more and more traffic to your website.
  • Lead Generation: With increased online visibility and website traffic, you can generate more leads from your site visitors.
  • Sales Conversion: Link building can go as far as boosting your sales conversion for your e-commerce business in the long term.

But to make them work, here are a few practical recommendations:

  • Start boosting your SERP ranking with effective backlinking strategies. Consider employing guest blogging, quality content creation, and internal linking.
  • Make link-building strategy a part of your SEO campaign. A continuous implementation ensures a consistent increase in DA, backlinks, organic traffic, and search engine ranking.
  • Drive potential customers to your e-commerce website through link-building campaigns. Backlinking can boost your DA score and SEO ranking, positively impacting your organic traffic.
  • Generate as many leads as possible via your landing pages or website. When you already drive visitors to your website, encourage them to take actions on your CTAs.
  • While at it, find ways to convert leads into sales. That way, your SEO efforts, through link-building strategies, won’t go to waste. Remember, you’ve already come a long way!

With all these tips and tricks, you can make the most of your link-building campaign for e-commerce growth and business success!


It’s best to work with a highly reliable digital marketing agency. Jolly SEO offers link-building services that are truly white hat—effective, ethical, and sustainable. To get started with us, contact us today, and we’re more than jolly to assist with your SEO initiatives!

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