Enhancing Online Presence: Impact of Link Building on Legal Industry Websites – A Case Study

link building impact on legal industry websites

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How Link Building Helps Clients from the Legal Industry Increase Organic Traffic

Link building is a crucial part of an off-page search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for earning high-quality backlinks. These backlinks can help boost your search engine rankings for increased online visibility and website traffic. 

Link building is the third most important factor for SEO ranking after content and keywords. And that makes White Hat link building tactics one of the most effective link-building techniques. This strategy usually applies to various industries, including the legal sector.

Unconvinced? Learn how link building has helped our clients in the legal industry increase their backlinks and organic traffic.

Read our case study below.

An Overview: Clients from the Legal Industry

Jolly SEO has worked with a handful of clients in the legal industry since January this year.  Based in North America, these law firms offer specialized services, such as LLC formation, real estate holding, and other legal support for insurance carriers. 

Here’s what they have to say about Jolly SEO’s link-building services:

“It’s not even the end of the year. However, it’s surprising how guest posting and other link-building strategies have helped us earn quality backlinks and boost our organic traffic in just a few months.”

“We’ve already started seeing an upward trend in our traffic. That and the quality of backlinks we have received definitely makes us confident about Jolly’s ability to build reliable and effective backlinks for us.” 

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The Problem: Boosting Online Visibility and Website Traffic

Companies and organizations across various industries should stand out in a sea of digital competition. The legal sector is no exception. 

The problem? It’s no longer just an option for law firms to have business sites in this digital era. They should create websites not just for the sake of having one but to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERP). By increasing web prominence, potential clients can easily and quickly find these legal firms online. That will help drive traffic to their websites! 

Here’s the challenge: Our clients were already doing some link building when they started with us. However, the goal is to increase these metrics further and scale their link building outreach for a significant boost in online visibility and website traffic. That’s when they sought our help by hiring our white hat link-building services. 

Learn how this link-building campaign has helped them meet their objectives in the next section.

The Solution: White Hat Link Building

Jolly SEO has implemented a white hat link-building campaign for each client. Our team reaches out to quality sites relevant to your niche and offers high-quality content with your backlink attached. 

When we say ‘white hat’, we mean that we never buy backlinks; we earn them. Firstly, our outreach team ensures they partner with industry websites hoping to add value to their organizations. Secondly, our team of content writers creates relevant and valuable content that our partners’ readers would benefit from. 

Ultimately, ethical link-building strategies guarantee high-quality links for our clients, helping them build trust and establish authority – both crucial factors in Google’s EEAT quality guidelines. See the actual backlink and organic traffic results in the next section.

The Results: A Boost in Backlinks and Organic Traffic

The link-building campaign for each client has been running from January to June of this year. Unsurprisingly, they have all earned a significant boost in organic traffic, ranging from a 6% to 245% increase in just a few months.

Note: Backlinks orders for each client were different.

The numbers don’t lie. Take a look at the table below. 

ClientsBacklinksOrganic Traffic
Client 1(Start Date: January 4, 2023)31 – 1061076 – 1143 (6%)
Client 2(Start Date: January 4, 2023)918 – 136941577 – 64692 (55%)
Client 3(Start Date: January 25, 2023)203 – 2922909 – 10038 (245%)

As you can see, our clients have had a boost in backlinks and organic traffic from when they started with us up to this month. 

Client 1 has already achieved a 6% increase in organic traffic from 1076 to 1143. Their backlinks started at only 31 in January but have now hit 106. Client 2 has earned a 55% increase, with growing backlinks from 918 to 1369. These figures show how effective white hat link-building tactics are—wait until you see client 3.

image 1

Client 3 has gained a whopping 245% increase in organic traffic from 2909 to 10038. Their backlinks were only 203 in January; they now reach 292. What a remarkable feat in just a few months! This number proves how white hat link-building services are effective for achieving SEO goals. 

image 2

Of course, this success won’t be possible unless the clients also have their technical and on-page SEO in order. SEO needs all the pieces of the puzzle for optimum success.

But to ensure long-term success, our clients continue to implement best practices for their link-building campaigns.

Business Implications: What the Case Study Reveals

This case study reveals that white hat link-building campaigns benefit law firms and those in the legal sector. 

How does this link-building campaign benefit them in the long run? With a high search engine ranking, law firms can attract website visitors. These visitors who need legal services might just become their actual clients.

To maximize your link-building campaign, here are some recommendations:

  • Employ guest posting, but ensure you’re targeting relevant & good-quality websites in the legal sector.
  • Produce high-quality content pieces about legal matters that will benefit the readers of your target websites.
  • Use only white hat techniques to ensure SEO sustainability and avoid Google penalties.
  • Partner with the right digital marketing agency offering off-page SEO services like link building.

With all these in mind, you can maximize your link-building campaign’s potential and minimize risks.

Are you looking to implement an effective link-building campaign? You’ve come to the right place! Jolly SEO offers white hat link building services. Get in touch with us today, as we’re more than jolly to assist you!

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