How A Finance Industry Client Increased Its Organic Traffic by 126%

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Jolly SEO has worked with a client in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry.

The client’s website is a pit stop for small and medium-sized businesses exploring individualized BFSI needs. So, it’s crucial for them to boost their online visibility and website traffic to get more and more customers. For this reason, they hired our link-building services as part of their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Here’s what the client had to say about our services:

“Jolly SEO has been an integral part of our SEO strategy. They have been a reliable partner that delivers high-quality and relevant backlinks each month, helping us grow our organic search presence consistently over the last 3 years.”

Note: Since the start of the service in 2020, the website has seen a growth from 220 organic traffic to 12,381 (almost a 5000% increase). In the last year, the traffic has grown 126%

But don’t take our word for it yet—Read on to learn how this tactic has become a reality.

The Problem: Online Presence and Low Website Traffic

Their website plays a crucial role in achieving this business objective. The site essentially attracts customers online looking to do business with them.

The problem, however, is that it could be difficult for our client’s website to stand out in the search engine results pages (SERP) to boost its traffic. While it offers specialized financing services, this BFSI client should first be found by its target clientele online. 

As such, this client needs solid backlinking strategies to boost organic traffic and actual customers to its website. That’s where Jolly SEO steps in, with our link-building solutions. Learn more about our services in the next section.

Note: Link building is an essential part of a successful SEO program but won’t be enough if the client did not have an overall sound SEO strategy, which includes on-page and technical SEO.

The Solution: A Combination of HARO Backlinks and White Hat Link-building Campaign

The client reached out to us and sought our expertise to help boost their online visibility and website traffic. 

We offered our HARO outreach and white hat link-building campaign to include effective home page backlinks and guest posting. This campaign allows our client’s name to get mentioned on content pieces for publishing on top industry websites. Once posted online, these blog posts also contain links to its website for backlinking purposes.

As a result, our client earns quality backlinks. That helps increase its SEO ranking and establish its authority as a thought leader in the industry.

Find out what the actual link-building results are in the next section.

The Results: 126% Increase in Organic Traffic in the last year (over 5000% since we started the services in 2020). 

The link-building campaign ran from August 2020 to March 2023. Our client achieved a whopping 5000%  increase in organic traffic through SEO consistency and robust implementation of link building during this time.

increase organic traffic with link building jolly seo

For further details, take a look at the table below.

Key SEO MetricsSEO Data (as of Aug 2020)SEO Data (as of March 2023)
Organic Traffic21812,586 (5579% growth rate)
Keyword Ranking (Top 1-3 spots)2360
Keyword Ranking (Top 4-10 spots)20592
increase organic ranking with link building jolly seo

Just in the last year, our client had a 126% growth rate in organic traffic. They had 5,548 organic visitors in March 2022. As of March this year, they earned 12,586 visitors, some of which became actual customers.

Keyword ranking is another crucial factor to consider for your SEO campaign. Our client initially had 2 and 20 keywords, ranking in the 1-3 and 4-10 positions, respectively. Since starting the services with us, they earned 360 keywords in the first three spots and 592 in the 4-10 spots.

Overall, our HARO and white hat link-building campaign helped our client boost its SERP ranking and site traffic alongside their technical SEO and content creation efforts.

Business Implications: What the Case Study Reveals

At this point, it’s time to unravel what the case study implies. It’s safe to say that white hat link building proves effective in boosting online visibility and website traffic. However, it requires hard work, patience, and consistency. Below are some recommendations to implement for your SEO campaigns: 

  • Always create relevant, valuable, and helpful content. Remember, quality content is king in the digital realm.
  • Prioritize backlinking strategy by partnering with top industry websites. That will help establish your site authority.
  • Integrate effective keywords by conducting keyword research. These terminologies resonate well with your target audience.
  • Focus on experience and usability: Latest Google updates highly prioritize these two factors while determining search ranking. 

That said, consider all the valuable tips recommended above. SEO shortcuts and dirty tactics are a big no-no, lest Google discovers, penalizes, and bans your website for good. Remember, white hat link building is a very important pillar of SEO. 

At Jolly SEO, we offer HARO outreach &  white hat link-building services to clients looking to boost their search engine ranking. However, we only implement proven strategies to get your content and site on top of SERP in time. Ready to take your SEO campaign to the next level? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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