How Jolly SEO’s Link Building Service Lead To A 250.54% Increase In Organic Traffic?

how link building lead to increase in organic traffic
Using these outreach methods, our team scored ALC editorial & guest blog links on top-tier websites in their niche & saw 250.54% increase in traffic.

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About Assisted Living Center 

Assisted Living Center, our client, provides detailed information about senior living options; including one of the largest directories of senior living networks available online. They are on a mission to make it easier for people to navigate various senior living options available to them & make the best decision for their senior lives. Founded by Stephan Baldwin in 2010, it is also one of the most inclusive directories with smaller, private & community-based options as well. 


ALC was looking to scale its operation and help more people find the best solution for their old age, enabling people to spend their senior years in comfort. With that goal in mind, they wanted to increase their website’s DR & ranking, which would ultimately lead to an increase in organic traffic. 

ALC team already had great content on their website and SEO had been a strong part of their overall marketing strategy, but Stephan and his team needed a partner who could help them with link building & take some stuff off their figurative ‘full plates’. 

They were looking for a link-building partner who would understand the importance of getting good quality, white-hat backlinks to their website. Not someone who would use black hat techniques and negatively affect their ranking. It was at this point that Jolly SEO started working with ALC to help them attain their goals. 

And recently, we got this feedback from Stephan, the founder of Assisted Living Centre.

“…I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the link campaign. Your team is CRUSHING it.” 

Exciting, isn’t it?

Now let us tell you why we got such a killer review from ALC. 

How did Jolly SEO help ALC increase its website ranking? 

We implemented a seemingly simple yet powerful link-building campaign to complement ALC’s existing SEO campaigns and increase their website ranking. This included a combination of Jolly’s journalist outreach and white hat link-building services.

Using these outreach methods, our team scored ALC editorial & guest blog links on top-tier websites in their niche like,, and, to name a few. We always go for websites with high domain relevancy, and high & steady traffic for our clients. 

Over the course of 19 months (Feb 2021 to Sept 2022), we built 104 backlinks on average DR 70 websites for Assisted Living Center. 


But what do those 104 backlinks really mean for our client? 

To give you an idea about the enormity of the impact of these backlinks on our client’s business here’s a sneak peek into some key figures: 

  • The ALC website saw a 250.54% increase in its organic traffic. 

They went from having organic traffic of 30,897 in Feb 2021 to 108,307 in Sept 2022. 

how link building helped increase traffic
  • Increase in Domain relevance from 31 to 44
how link building increased domain rating jollyseo
  • 162% increase in the number of branded keywords ranking on page 1 of Google Search
how link building helped increase keyword ranking

How can you get there? 

These results are not a fluke and it is totally possible for you to have the same success for your business. Here are some of our expert tips to reach this level of success with your marketing strategy. 

  • Mindset shift: Short-term, quick results v/s long-term, stable results

We live in a world where investors and stakeholders want quick results. This is often a reason why many businesses end up spending thousands of dollars on ad spent right up front. PPC & SEM are great tools if you want to start bringing in immediate traffic, but, this is not always the best strategy, for a couple of reasons: 

  1. There is enough data to prove that the conversion rate of these channels is always subpar to organic traffic. 
  2. Most importantly, the moment you stop spending the ad dollars, the traffic will stop. You can go from getting 50,000 visitors in a day to nothing if your sole traffic acquisition channel has been through paid ads. 

Your SEO strategy, unlike paid ads, will take some time before it starts showing results, but once it gets off the ground, it is a gift that will keep on giving. 

We are not saying that you should completely remove paid acquisition from your marketing strategy, but looking at the bigger picture & making long-term investments along with it can have huge payoffs for you. 

  • Prioritize backlinks

Along with making sure that you have a strong onsite & technical SEO plan, you should also invest time & effort in offsite SEO, which includes link building. Backlinks are signals of credibility & authority to Google. Simply put, if a website that Google puts in high regard nod towards you with a do-follow link, then Google starts seeing you as an expert too. 

  • Only use whitehat link-building strategy

You will find many listicles offering black-hat or grey-hat link-building strategies like registering on directories or doing link swaps, or even worse, buying links. Even one such link can lead to penalties from Google and do more harm than good. So whether you are handling the link-building internally or hiring an external person/agency to do it for you, always ensure that the links you are getting are legitimate and obtained using a whitehat link-building strategy. For example, one of our cardinal rule at Jolly SEO is to NEVER BUY A LINK. We also do multiple checks to make sure that the website we are placing the backlink on also prioritizes these values and is a legitimate website. 

If you would like to integrate link-building into your marketing strategy & start seeing the same level of growth for your business, then get in touch with the Jolly SEO team today to find the best solution for your needs.  

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