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In this episode of TL; DR by Jolly SEO, Morgan Taylor speaks with Brian Hawkins about affiliate marketing. Listen to the podcast or read the highlights below:

Affiliate Marketing: Highlights from the discussion

Meet Brian Hawkins, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Ghostbed, he has over 15 years of experience in SEO and affiliate marketing. In this podcast, he shared his insights on strategies that can help you grow your revenue through affiliate marketing and also how affiliate websites can build strong assets.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing acquisition model that allows you to get traffic or sales. You can either pay per click or per lead, making it an affordable option for smaller businesses that can’t afford the rising costs of advertising.

Affiliates also have their image to protect & are aware of the value they bring. At any given time, they are evaluating 20+ programs, much like journalists who have 100s of pitches to choose from in HARO. So you have to really nurture relationships with them if you want to build a strong affiliate program.

Strategies to have a successful affiliate program

To have a successful affiliate program, it’s important to not only focus on the cost but also to ensure that your partner protects your brand, story, assets, and experience. Building trust is another key factor, as you need to be confident that your partner won’t share your data or their other partners’ data.

Learning from forums and industry leaders who have experienced the wild west of affiliate and SEO in the past can help you stay ahead of the game. Instead of always chasing after the next new thing, it’s better to stick with a channel that’s working and master it before moving on to something else.

In recent years, the topical authority has become a critical ranking factor. One tactic that works is getting industry leaders to guest blog on your website to build your authority.

People are constantly trying to move the needle and try new things. Whatever new strategy you decide to use, make sure it aligns with your brand.

There is huge potential in affiliate business. By focusing on building assets and spending your time wisely, you can get a 35-50X return with a buyout.

To help you achieve your goals, tools like Pitchresponse, Similarweb, and Levanta can come in handy.

To wrap it up, having witnessed the black hat SEO techniques in the past, Brian Hawkins hopes that people in SEO will lead with integrity and earn ranking with honor.

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