The Power of Infographics for Link Building

infographics for link building

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘infographics’? They immediately conjure images of visually appealing content filled with key facts and figures.

Infographics are a powerful tool for attracting audiences, earning backlinks, boosting brand awareness, and establishing domain authority. However, there is more to these benefits than meets the eye.

Unconvinced? This page covers the undeniable power of infographics for link-building campaigns. Read on to learn how to create and promote these visual content pieces for business and marketing.

The Power of Infographics for Link Building

An infographic is a visual content consisting of data or information presented clearly and concisely. It is usually a combination of text, images, charts, graphs, and other visual elements. The goal is to convey complex ideas (concepts, studies, statistics, or processes) in a simple manner, so viewers can easily and quickly understand them.

Infographics usually contain the following key features:

  • Visual Elements (images, illustrations, icons, charts, etc.)
  • Data Representation (data, statistics, etc.)
  • Simplified Language (concise and direct language)
  • Data Sources (citations)
  • Hierarchical Layout (for order of importance, including size and format)
  • Color Scheme (for visual appeal)
  • Branding Elements (logos, brand colors, typography, etc.)
  • Calls to Action or CTA (inciting viewers to take desired steps)

Infographics remain relevant and effective, especially for business and marketing. In fact, the word has a global search volume of 71,000, according to Demand Sage. Take some of the other key statistics as well below:

power of infographics

On a specific note, infographics can help with your link-building campaign. People will most likely read, link, and share infographics since they are visually appealing, easily comprehensible, and data-driven. Their benefits are five-fold, as follows:

benefits of infographics

Learn how to create and promote your infographics in the next section.

Top Tips for Creating and Promoting Infographics 

Now that you know how powerful infographics are for your link-building campaign, it’s time to perform the actual work. This section covers two parts: how to create and promote your infographics. Consider our practical tips below.

Creating Infographics

Ryan Jones, the Marketing Manager at SEOTesting, underscored the value of infographics. “One of the best reasons for using infographics as link magnets in 2023 is that they are not commonly used anymore. So if you can create a great one, you’ve got a good chance of building some great links!”

Jones continued by providing some valuable tips, “A good infographic needs to be striking, easy to read and understand and not be overly promotional. If you can get the data across in a clear way without plastering your brand all over the infographic, you are onto a winner.”

“The data is always more important than the visual/image. Of course, the visual is important, but ensuring the data is accurate and easy to understand is crucial. Nobody is going to link to an infographic with incorrect or boring data,” Jones added.

To add and expound on what Jones shared, here are some practical tips for producing effective infographics:

  • Set Your Goals for Visual Content: Start by defining your objectives for producing infographics. Are you looking to provide valuable data about your industry to establish your authority? Attract potential customers to your blogs? Engage in guest posting to acquire backlinks? 
  • Conduct Extensive Research: The core of your infographics is the information you’re willing to share. No matter how visually appealing your infographics are, they won’t matter if you have nothing valuable to offer. Therefore, look for reliable sources for your infographic content.
  • Keep It Simple and Sweet (KISS): Infographics seek to convey complex ideas in a simple, clear, and understandable way. As such, present your data concisely but with a pinch of creativity. That way, they are easy and tasty to digest.
  • Incorporate Elements for Visual Appeal: While the content is the meat of your infographics, the visual presentation does matter. Here are a few recommendations:
  • Hierarchy of Elements. Sort and arrange visual elements based on their order of importance.
  • Clear Typography. Use fonts that are good for the eyes and not visually distracting.
  • Ample White Space. Ensure blank spaces on your infographics to declutter and allow the eyes to rest on them.
  • Color Psychology. Use bold hues to highlight data and color contrast to set visual elements apart. Employ the color schemes strategically.
  • Harness the Power of Story-telling: Infographics entail presenting straightforward information; however, they can be dull and boring. Telling a story is the best approach. Craft your content in such a way that it conveys powerful messaging to your target audiences.
  • Employ Proper Branding: Producing and publishing infographics is a great way to introduce your brand. Incorporate your brand logo, distinct icons, graphic designs, and other visual elements associated with your business. Doing so can help build your brand.
  • Don’t Forget to Include Calls-to-action: You return to your primary objective for creating infographics: What are you hoping to achieve from these? Then, include CTAs for prompting audiences to take action, whether subscribing to your channel, downloading your ebook, or making purchases.

Promoting Infographics

David Ramos, Content Strategist, shared what the best infographics are. “The best infographics are time-saving. They save the viewer the work of having to visit multiple sources to learn a single topic. 

Ramos continued, “In my opinion, the data will always be more important than the visual because a beautiful image that communicates nothing is useless, but even an ugly image can be useful. This is the filter I keep in mind whenever working with designers on infographic properties.” 

Ramos shared a perfect example. “A recent example I’m happy to share can be found here. I always choose to outsource these projects because the better designed a product like this is — the more likely it is to be shared and help us reach our ultimate traffic goals.”

Now, let’s explore what it takes to promote infographics. Follow our practical tips below.

  • Post Your Infographics on Your Blog: There’s no better digital platform to promote your infographics than your own blog. So, start by publishing them on your website to educate your immediate customers and attract other audiences.
  • Resort to Guest Posting: As mentioned, industry websites love valuable and relevant guest blogs as they attract a wide range of audiences. Make sure to employ guest posting for link-building opportunities. You’ll be surprised at how these content pieces drive readers to your website.
  • Pitch Your Infographic to Journalists: Reaching out to journalists is the best way to earn media coverage and quality backlinks for brand recognition and website authority. Use HARO for link building and PR by pitching to media personnel and including your infographics as data sources.
  • Share Your Infographic Content on Social Media: Social media is ever-powerful for business and personal interactions. Linking your infographics to channels like Facebook can translate to lead generation and customer engagement.

Final Words

Infographics are indeed powerful pieces of visual content. They attract potential customers, earn quality backlinks, boost brand recognition, and establish your website authority. 

Infographics can particularly boost your link-building strategies as part of your SEO campaign. They can help you earn backlinks, ensure shareability, provide guest posting opportunities, increase brand awareness, and boost your online presence and site traffic.

Consider our practical tips for creating and promoting infographics, and you’re well on your way to marketing success! Are you looking to boost your link-building campaign with the power of infographics? Contact us today, and we’re more than Jolly to help you with link building!

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