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How Does Branded Linkbuilding Work For SEO?

Branded linkbuilding is the process of building backlinks to your homepage. This will reinforce your brand’s recognition by Google.

These backlinks will have your brand’s name as the anchor text.

Jolly SEO builds high quality branded anchor text backlinks to your home page using two white hat outreach tactics:

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What is Journalist Outreach?

Journalists use platforms such as Connectively (formerly HARO), Profnet, Help A B2B Writer, etc. to source experts who will contribute to their upcoming articles. The most actionable, accurate contributions are published.

Jolly SEO’s service for you is to curate the highest quality opportunities, and send a professional pitch relevant to each opportunity.

What is Custom Outreach?

Jolly SEO also expands referring domain diversity beyond the publishers who use journalist sourcing platforms.

Our experienced team identifies & vets for the highest quality outreach targets, invests in premium content, and conducts custom outreach campaigns.

Jolly SEO never pays for links. Something we take so seriously, we created a free tool for you to verify the link-selling status of any website here: Linktegrity.

why outsource Branded Linkbuilding?

  • Save time & resources: Let experts handle the time-extensive tasks of sifting through hundreds of daily journalist requests & publishing opportunities. Hand off all of the research, writing, and editing that goes into crafting high quality content of the caliber that earns white hat backlinks.

  • Boost reputation with excellent backlinks: Our writers understand what publishers are looking for. The result is backlinks from higher quality websites other linkbuilding agencies can offer.

  • Peace of mind: Our mission is to lead our clients with integrity, we only get you backlinks from the best publications.  

Outsourcing branded linkbuilding outreach to Jolly SEO allows you to focus on your business while enjoying the benefits of a robust link profile.

#1 Branded Backlinks service provider

Jolly has served 300+ clients over the last 7 years.

Our goal is to guide our clients with integrity.

We respect the trust our clients put in us and go the extra mile to reflect that in our work.

All outreach is performed 100% inhouse, never outsourced.

Why Trust Jolly SEO?

Our team of experts saves you time and guarantees great results.

“Jolly SEO is an SEO and digital PR agency known for its expertise in securing high-quality editorial backlinks through its Journalist Outreach program.”


Payment Structure That Works

Jolly SEO’s billing is performance-based. You don’t pay for our hours of outreach & writing. You only pay for what you want: Backlinks.

How does Branded Linkbuilding with Jolly SEO work?

1. Free Discovery

Let's connect over a call so Jolly SEO can transparently explain our outreach processes, and answer any questions you may have.

2. Campaign Kickoff

Ready to get started? A simple onboarding form & optional additional call will collect all the information we need to begin outreach.

3. Start Seeing Your Wins

Sit back and let us do all the work. Within a few weeks, we'll begin reporting high quality backlinks to your website.

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