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NextGen: Great backlinks at an Incredible value

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What can you expect with NextGen?


  • Average DR 70!
  • Average Organic Traffic 100,000/Month!
  • Outreach is done via journalist platforms like HARO, Profnet, HelpaB2B Writer & Featured
  • We NEVER bill for syndicated links! You only pay 1 time.

Pricing and Billing

Only $275 per backlink &  prices as low as $195 per backlink based on volume!

We work on a simple subscription model. This means:

– Predictable/set monthly spends

– Guaranteed backlink production. You get exactly the amount of backlinks you pay for

– Flexible packages based on volume needs

NextGen is Perfect for Clients Who:

  • Need high volume and consistently scalable backlink production 
  • Place a premium on per backlink pricing
  • Prioritize SEO metrics above the PR value of a backlink’s referring domain 
  • Need to start a campaign quickly, with zero setup delays
  • Have access to an appropriate figurehead and email for us to begin outreach
  • Are familiar with HARO style linkbuilding

How does it work?

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Sit Back and start seeing backlinks roll in.

Our backlinks have average DR of 70 and organic traffic of 100k

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