White Hat Linkbuilding Manager Opening

Jolly SEO is looking for a full-time manager of our premium, white hat linkbuilding outreach team.

Our clients expect the best. Recognized as the premium service provider in journalist outreach, Jolly has been busy building internal capacity for white hat manual outreach linkbuilding.

Your role will be managing and scaling our current team, while continuously conducting rigorous quality control to maintain high standards consistent with our other service.


  • Manage internal team members responsible for prospecting, outreach, and content creation
  • Scale internal capacity through new team member recruitment and management
  • Be the guardian of the client’s brand
  • Quarterly update all SOPs
  • Work with Jolly’s management to ensure each client account’s needs are fulfilled

Skills Needed

  • 2-5 years experience working in white hat linkbuilding.
  • Deep understanding of analyzing a website for its outbound:inbound link ratio, traffic history, etc.
  • Not interested in buying links. Our clients are not, and we are not either. Leave any lists of paid link opportunities at the door.
  • Massive bonus: willingness to bring your publisher network into Jolly.
  • Ability & desire to scale from ~50 clients targeting ~250 links/month to ~100 clients targeting ~500 links/month.
  • Creative thinker and has a strong command of the English language.


Let’s make sure this is a viable gig for you!

Compensation for this W-9/W-8BEN independent contractor role is expected to begin at $4,000/month. We’re excited to offer additional success-based pay.

Please note: this role has a 90-day probationary period.

Company Culture

 We deeply value our team members, and aim to nurture an ongoing commitment to a positive work environment.

You will join our team in Slack, on weekly video calls, and we hope one day on a team retreat!

Ready to come aboard? Please submit an application below. We’re excited to work together!

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